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When a team works well it is truly a joy to witness.  The achievement of business objectives becomes an enjoyable challenge.    The journey - a learning experience and the result is not only the financial rewards that accompany business success but a growing appreciation of the need for different strengths and abilities within the team.

When a team stumbles it can often be as a result of:  poor or miscommunication, a lack of understanding of team types, individual personality profiles and how information needs to be conveyed to be effectively understood by colleagues.  If allowed to continue - dysfunctional team behaviour can evolve with positions becoming entrenched and achievement of business plan objectives seriously limited.

With years of experience in leadership and working with teams,  The Leadership Artisan is able to provide Leaders and their teams with an array of options for development.  With the use of cutting edge psychometric tools  teamwork can be taken to a new level.   Problem areas can be aired and resolved and team members encouraged to play to their strengths, develop within their areas of challenge and go forward together - free of the stress and frustration so apparent in dysfunctional team behavriour.

In any situation regarding team work or leadership development The Leadership Artisan recommends a free no obligation discussion with the Client in order to establish specific development objectives and the best choice of the many psychometric and coaching tools that are available for use.  Detailed below are just some of the powerful tools which have proved to be both helpful and insightful when working with leaders and their teams.

360 Degree Evaluation

Based on the use of Saville Wave 360 Degree assessment a leader or team member is able to gain a view of their performance based on key competencies.   The individual receives a breakdown of how their team and/or peers view their performance against the key competencies and this is then rated against an external benchmark.  The 360 Degree evaluation enables the individual to gain a unique insight into not only their strengths and areas for development but also into their underlying talents and motivations.    Competency based development tips assist the individual in determining a way forward in maximising strengths, working on areas for development and miminising liabilities.

Saville Wave Leadership Report

Whether you are identifying future leaders or developing existing leaders,  the Saville Wave Leadership Report is based on 24 leadership styles within which 108 facets are examined.  The report combines styles, situations and underlying talents and motivations.  It also features a Leadership potential profile which focuses on 6 key aspects of leadership effectiveness.

Recruit The Best People

Recruit The Best People
Overcome Impression Management Techniques

Summary Aptitude Tests & Summary Psychometric Profile £280 plus VAT.

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Looking For The Next Career Move?

Looking For The Next Career Move?
Understand Your Strengths & Challenges

Full Psychometric Profile & Culture/Environment Fit £250 plus VAT per candidate.

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