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Recruitment and Selection Service

From the commencement of the recruitment and selection process  The Leadership Artisan can provide a full consultancy service to the client via a simple 10 step process:-

  • Step 1 -  Review job description and establish the key competencies of the postion
  • Step 2 -  Confirm the level and depth of aptitiude testing and personality profiling.
  • Step 3 -  Review applications and select for assessment and profiling based on evidence of the required competencies.
  • Step 4 -  Invite candidates for online or hard copy assessments and administer/deliver.
  • Step 5 -  Review aptitude assessment results.
  • Step 6 -  Review profiling results
  • Step 7 -  Draft shortlist for interview
  • Step 8 -  Draft questions for interview based on results of aptitude and personality profile.
  • Step 9 -  Assist with final interviews.
  • Step 10 - Feedback to shortlisted successful and unsuccessful candidates.

Aptitude Testing

“Research has shown that Aptitude Assessments provide powerful predictors of performance at work” (Saville). Whether you are seeking to recruit internally or to search outside your organisation, Aptitude Assessments are available to screen prospective job candidates at all levels and across many different industries. For example:

Tests may only be used when they have been identified as relevant to the position in question, either through detailed job analysis or through previous psychometric testing validation within the recruitment process. Only tests with satisfactory reliability and validity data will be used.

Saville Analysis Aptitude Range would consist of Verbal, Numeric and Diagrammatic assessment and is available at two levels:-

  • Professional Level: For Directors, Managers and Professionals
  • Work Level: For Graduates and Management Trainees

Saville Comprehension Aptitude Range consists of Verbal, Numeric and Error Checking assessments which are offered to clients in a set as the Swift Combination Test. The assessments operate at the following levels to accommodate specific functions across a variety of industries and organisations:-

  • Operational Function: Operational roles in manufacturing, engineering, construction and transport.
  • Commercial Function: Commercial roles in sales, marketing, business development and financial services.
  • Customer Function: Customer roles in call centres, hospitality, leisure, health and education.
  • Administrative Function: Administrative roles in private and public sector offices.

Saville Technical Aptitude Range consists of Spatial, Mechanical and Diagrammatic assessments.
Practical: Designed for production, construction, engineering and scientific roles.

All tests can be delivered with Supervised Access in hard copy format at the employers workplace or a suitable venue of the clients choosing. Alternatively the combination tests for the following can be delivered with “Invited Access Online:-

  • Swift Analysis Aptitude: Verbal, Numeric, Diagrammatic
  • Swift Executive Aptitude: Verbal, Numeric, Abstract
  • Swift Comprehension Aptitude: Verbal, Numerical and Checking
  • Swift Technical Aptitude: Spatial, Mechanical and Diagrammatic
Recruit The Best People

Recruit The Best People
Overcome Impression Management Techniques

Summary Aptitude Tests & Summary Psychometric Profile £280 plus VAT.

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Looking For The Next Career Move?

Looking For The Next Career Move?
Understand Your Strengths & Challenges

Full Psychometric Profile & Culture/Environment Fit £250 plus VAT per candidate.

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