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Test Use and Selection

Tests are used at The Leadership Artisan for recruitment, development and promotion purposes. Commonly used tests include numerical reasoning and verbal reasoning, dependent upon the skills required for the current or future role. The tests are to be employed as objective, fair assessments of skills which are difficult to assess adequately through other selection methods.

Tests may only be used when they have been identified as relevant to the position in question, either through detailed job analysis or through previous psychometric testing validation within the recruitment process. Only tests with satisfactory reliability and validity data will be used.

Equal Opportunities And Fair Selection

All data obtained through psychometric testing will be monitored for potential discrimination, be it on the grounds of sex, ethnic background or any other relevant factor. Any evidence suggesting potential bias will be addressed as appropriate to the situation.

Responsibilities Of Staff Involved In Testing

All staff involved in testing, be it selecting tests, conducting tests, scoring, data analysis, feeding back data or other related work, must respect the confidentiality of such data, and follow best practice guidelines as defined by the BPS, and summarised here. No staff member should work outside their own area of competence, seeking advice from staff or verified external sources with appropriate training or greater experience whenever necessary.

Administration Guidelines

Standardised administration procedures must be followed in all testing situations, including introductory information for all candidates (including delivery of the “Practice leaflet: An introduction to Psychometric Testing” at least two weeks prior to the testing session), and the use of standardised introductions supplied with the tests being used. Templates for letters and oral introductions for candidates should be used and are available within the company. Candidates should always be asked whether they have any special requirements, including dyslexia, to ensure fair testing.

Administrators must behave in a professional manner with candidates at all times, treating their results confidentially, and showing respect for their concerns. Test logs must be completed at every testing session, including extenuating circumstances occurring during testing, or reported by any candidate. Suitable testing environments should always be selected on the basis of the number of candidates and special requirements of any candidates.

Feedback Of Test Results

Feedback must always be provided to candidates, and to the staff member leading any particular selection process. Templates are available on the intranet showing details and styles which should be followed for written reports to candidates or recruiting staff members. The scorer of the test is responsible for ensuring that this feedback is provided. The importance of avoiding jargon and technical terms for such feedback should always be noted. Those receiving feedback should always be given the opportunity to contact someone by telephone or in person to further discuss the information.

Storage And Security

All results will be held centrally on the “C” drive, where access is restricted to The Leadership Artisan representatives only. Data will only be retained for one year, in accordance with the Data Protection Act. All data files should be clearly date marked to allow regular removal of data beyond this point. No information is to be placed in personal files of successful candidates, and no personally identifiable information is to be passed on to any staff member after the recruitment/development/promotion decision has been made.

Privacy Policy

We at The Leadership Artisan are committed to protecting the privacy of anyone using our site and the confidentiality of any information that you provide to us.  The purpose of this stateent is to set out how we use any personal information that we may obtain from you.

Data Protection Act 1988

We are registered under the Data Protection Act and comply with the Act in all our dealings with your personal data.

Use And Collection of personal Information

In general you can visit our website without telling us who you are and without revealing any information about yourself.  If, however you complete an enquiry form  you will need to provide certain information such as your contact details.  We will store this data and hold it on computer or otherwise.

We may use this information for the following purposes:-

a) To answer your enquiry. 
b) To register you with our website and to administer it.
c) For assessment and analysis e.g. marketing, customer and product analysis, to enable us to review, develop and improve our services.


There is a technology called "cookies" which may be used by us to provide you with, for example, customised information from our website.  A cookie is an element of data that a website can send to your browser which may then store it on your system.  If you wish, you can usually adjust your browser to that your computer does not accept cookies.  Please remember cookies do not contain confidential information such as your home address, telephone number or credit card details.  We do not exchange cookies with any third party websites or external data suppliers.


We endeavour to take all reasonable steps to protect your personal information.  However, we cannot guarantee the security of any data that you disclose online and we will not be responsible for any breach of security unless this is due to our negligence or wilful default.


You have the right to see personal data (as defined under the Data Protection Act) that we keep about you upon receipt of a written request and payment of a fee of £10.  Any request should be sent to:-   S M Rose-Williams, Orchards, Resthaven, Pitchcombe, Stroud, Gloucestershire  GL6 6LS

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Recruit The Best People
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Looking For The Next Career Move?
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