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In this difficult economic climate the challenges facing business have never been tougher but as always life can also present its natural challenges to key individuals and how they are affected will impact directly onto the achievement of business plan targets. In such circumstances The Leadership Artisan is ready and available to help.

Detailed below are some of the examples of how The Leadership Artisan can assist you or your people in those challenging but everyday situations:-

Leadership Support And Mentoring.

Support And Mentoring For New Leaders And New Teams

During the recession the impact of downsizing can alleviate financial pressures but create other difficulties within teams. Often restructuring places new leaders into roles earlier than perhaps envisaged. The importance of making this transition a success will have a direct effect on the success of the business and therefore cannot be underestimated.

The Leadership Artisan can provide support and mentoring to new leaders. It is lonely at the top and new leaders can benefit greatly from having an experienced leader as a critical friend. Someone to use as: a sounding board, to provide a challenge to proposed strategies and an alternative perspective on future plans.

A leader’s ability to conduct their role with success depends on a thorough understanding of both themselves and their team. This can be achieved through a number of mediums but The Leadership Artisan can offer the mechanisms of psychometric assessments to create individual profiles for team members, in addition to providing a psychometric based 360 degree process which can have many benefits to both leaders and their teams.

Creating And Communicating "The Vision" - A Course For New Leaders

This course creates the environment  for  the new leader to  work with their management team in developing a meaningful vision for the business which will ultimately be owned by all who work for the company or organisation.   The course will assist the leader and their team to transpose high level strategic objectives into realistic values driven and localised business plan targets.   The emphasis during this course is about developing the appropriate culture to support the leader and management team throughout the business plan achievement and communicating and consulting  effectively with all members of the work force on the draft vision document.  

Leadership Skills - How To Communicate With Your Workforce
A Course For New Leaders

A key skill for all leaders is the ability to communicate with their followers via a multitude of avenues but in a language which is understood by the target audience.  This course covers how to communicate the business plan "Vision" to a large audience of the workforce.  It includes practical hints and tips in terms of:-  how to put your audience at ease, how to engage your audience,  how to establish a positive atmosphere,  what your body language says about your message!  Encouraging feedback and questions and how to deal with the political hot potato! 

Engaging with the workforce at a conference is of course only part of communicating leadership.  This course also looks creatively at other forms of communication appropriate to the culture of your business.    How can you reinforce the collective vision and check for engagement and feedback?    

Finally, the course will also examine communication with the workforce at both a conscious and sub conscious level, an understanding of which will enrich future communications and enable a clear and precise journey for "the Vision".  

Maternity/Paternity Leave Support

Having a baby can be one of the most natural and yet at the same time one of the most stressful life events. Keeping key people engaged in the business process and culture whist away from the workplace is an important aspect of a successful return to work. Also, providing them with a bridge to their workplace, information and team issues can alleviate concerns associated with their absence and allow them to concentrate and enjoy the precious time at home with baby.

Sometimes practical help is required. This may be sourcing nurseries, or nannies or supporting the leader covering the maternity leave. In the case of a new mother there may be issues of post natal depression which can make a return to the workplace even more daunting. Support in rebuilding confidence, assistance with image concerns and structure in beating depression all constitute the core of Maternity/Paternity Leave Support from the Leadership Artisan.

Leadership Support Strategy During Personal Or Family Illness, Divorce Or Relocation

In times of personal crisis the best type of support can be provided by an independent third party with a toolbox of expertise and resources but most importantly an understanding of the role of leadership and its impact on the workforce.

It is well documented that the mood of the leader sets the emotional tone of the workplace. Team members look to their leaders for reassurance, security in the workplace and a conviction that the business plan and the journey are the right ones for the company. However, when personal crisis occurs a leader can benefit from a leadership support strategy designed to assist the leader to deliver on key leadership roles whilst creating clear personal boundaries for crisis support and resolution.

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Recruit The Best People
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Looking For The Next Career Move?
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